The Plural Association Community
The Plural Association Community

Welcome to The Plural Association Community

The empowering all-inclusive community experience for Plurals by The Plural Association Nonprofit

We provide peer-led community support groups for DID/OSDD/Plurality & 25 other topics. You and your System get to join our weekly moderated text chats, our monthly virtual meetups with audio or video group calls, our conferences, events and much more.

What Is Our Private Community?

Everyone needs a community of some kind. It’s a basic need of humans - our species is inherently social, with cooperation and social communication built into the very foundations of what we do. It’s why people look for friends and companions wherever they end up, whether online or in the real world. Plurals are no different from this - while we have communities built into our own psyches, many of us also desire some form of camaraderie beyond the confines of our individual Plurality.

It can be hard to find this space, though. There’s little out there when it comes to communities by and for Plurals. You can find community on Discord servers and Twitter, for sure, but many of those spaces are text only, not private or difficult to access, have steep learning curves for those not familiar with social media, and often have singlets involved with their creation.

Fortunately, The Plural Association, a grassroot, volunteer, and peer-led nonprofit, has a solution. We have an exclusive, private community made by and for Plurals to interact with each other and find another home. It’s inclusive - available to Plurals of all origins and types - and oriented for Plurals alone. With our plural-focused platform, you can be confident in knowing everyone you talk to shares and understands your experiences.

Why Should You Join?

One of the most common things experienced by Plurals online is isolation. It’s hard to find a community that’s inclusive, that’s available for everyone to come and join. Our private community aims to remedy that by providing an atmosphere that’s safe for all - with a heavy focus on content warnings for potentially triggering content.

We’re also inclusive to all Plurality origins, and do not allow any form of triggering discourse that might alienate non-traumagenic Plurals.

Our community is moderated in around the clock by other Plurals who make sure that content posted on the community is safe and respectful for everyone.

You’ll find a community of many Plurals who all can feel comfortable with one another’s presence, holding regular discussions across a wide variety of topics. If you have any questions about Plurality, you’ll find dozens of people happy to answer and share their experiences. It’s the perfect place to feel welcome and at home, where you can feel a sense of belonging and contentment that’s hard to find anywhere else online.

What Do We Offer?

Not only do we feature a community for you to feel welcome in, but we offer…

  • Weekly group text chats to discuss whatever’s on your mind with other members of the community live. We offer a wide array of chatrooms, covering topics like general Plurality, DID, OSDD, and so many more.

  • Monthly virtual meetups across a wide variety of time zones, so that way everyone can be included on our discussions! We have themed rooms like Plurality, DID, OSDD, and many others for audio and visual calls.

  • Over 25 support groups, each featuring a unique topic. Topics like Plurality, DID, OSDD, Protectors, Arts & Crafts, alongside many others for you to enjoy!

  • Monthly themes and prompted questions about those themes, allowing for a wide range of discussion!

  • Customizability for you and your Plurality to have your own profile with all sorts of information about yourselves.

  • A friendly user interface on web browser and phone app that’s welcoming to those who don’t have much experience with social media, but that also provides a comforting entry point for those with much more experience.

How Much Does It Cost?

One of the greatest barriers to Plurals can be a lack of finances. Many Plurals are members of marginalized groups - LGBTQIA+ folk, people of color, and disabled individuals - and so lack the necessary funding to afford much in the way of donations. That’s why we offer a sliding scale of payment, so that way you can pay what you can afford.

All of the payments go towards funding our Plural Warmline and other endeavours focusing on empowering Plurals and making one another feel at ease.

These payments come in three tiers for you to pay what you can.

  • Tier 1 - For those who have a good amount of financial prosperity, we place this tier at $30 USD a month. This is intended for Plurals who truly believe in our mission and want to give us as much support as they can.

  • Tier 2 - Our regular bundle, this tier is priced at $20 USD a month. This is intended for those of average financial standing. If you have some extra spending money you’re willing to toss our way, this is the tier for you.

  • Tier 3 - Our low income tier, this is priced at $10 USD a month. If you’re of a lower income but still want to support our mission, then go through this tier.

If you’re not sure if you want to participate, we offer a free trial system for Plurals to experiment with the platform and see if they like what’s offered.


Not only that, but we also offer full scholarships for Plurals in need or who are interested in volunteering! If you reach out to us via email with ‘scholarship’ in the title, we’ll get back to you with more information. If you still want to donate but can’t afford the $10 USD a month, we can work with you on a smaller donation. If you want to help us out, we offer scholarships to all of our volunteers and moderators.

If, for any reason at all, you’re not able to donate anything or volunteer, feel free to reach out to us anyway, and we’ll work on providing you with a scholarship. We do not aim to financially gatekeep or exclude.

For more information or to apply for a scholarship, please click here!

Statistics About Our Work

Since The Plural Association was founded in February of 2020 - two weeks before the COVID-19 lockdowns - we have…

  • Educated 225,000 people through our videos
  • Over 100,000 community interactions each year
  • More than 80,000 article reads
  • Well over 5,000 questions answered
  • Supported over 3,000 Plurals directly
  • 1,500 visitors across our six conference events
  • Given 700 scholarships to our community
  • Caused 86% of Plurals to recommend us to their friends
  • Empowered 78% of Plurals who connected with us
  • Coordinated over 75 weekly text chats
  • Brought together Plurals for virtual meetups over 18 times

Reviews of Our Community

“Being plural is unlike anything.

It should be marvelous, like life itself — but like life itself, it can be scary.

Then, we turn to our peers, who understand, know, and care.

There, we belong, get empowered, and build pride.

Their support is our life’s foundation.

We built on quicksand, we stumbled, and fell.

Then we finally found this community, and our whole world changed.

When we finally found community, a new chapter started,

and we thank Power to the Plurals for its title:

Together we are stronger.

We are so looking forward to what else The Plural Association will bring forth.” -Stefanie Ziegler, a member of our private community

''Supportive of all plural people, no matter how they identify. Efforts to put community needs first, and awareness of intersectionality.'' -Anonymous

''It gives us hope that we are not alone, and someone is out there listening. It gives us hope stigmas might finally be addressed and combated. Being plural can be very lonely and scary for some without knowing others experience it too.'' -Anonymous

What The Community Is Not

The community is not…

  • A space for Plurals below the body age of 18.
  • A space for singlets.
  • A space for crisis support.
  • A space where people are looking for doctors or therapists.
  • A replacement for therapy, treatment, medication, coaching, or your individual peer support.
  • A space for anyone looking to engage in syscourse, origin debates, sysmedicalism, lived experience denying, or anything of a similar nature.
  • A space for racism, misogyny, ableism, LGBTQIA+MOGAI misia/phobia, bullying, harassment, trolling, intentional triggering, and other forms of discrimination or rude behavior.
  • A space for NSFW content.
  • A space for encouraging harmful or dangerous behaviours.
  • A space for views being forced on others.
  • A space for sales without explicit permission or invitation.

Other Important Information

Before signing up, make sure to read the terms of use of our platform software provider! Our community is only for those who can abide by the terms and conditions outlined there. Click here to learn more about the platform’s security.

Also note that in the ‘Acceptable Terms of Use Policy,’ it says that impersonation is not allowed.

(“impersonate any person or entity, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity, especially in the promotion or sale of specific Network.”)

This is to prevent fraud or scams and is not directed at headmates who are fictives or factives. However, to avoid any issues, we recommend signing up with a system or nickname in the first name and last name sections, and putting individual headmates and their information in your bios.

Take advantage of our free trial & signup now to join The Plural Association Private Community or email us for scholarship possibilities at:
[email protected]

More information about our other works can be found at: